Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pig flu might not fly!

I don't often quote from newspapers - but this I agree with.
'Pig flu might not fly if we go organic' Alex Renton writes in Britain's The Times newspaper. "Clearly, keeping animals packed together in unnatural conditions is conducive to the breeding and mutation of viruses," he wrote. "Most food scares of recent years — dioxin contamination of Irish pork, antibiotics in Scottish salmon, salmonella in chicken, BSE and so on — come down to unnatural, intensive farming practices done on the cheap. Then there is the troubling disappearance of the honey bees, thought to have been caused by pesticide overuse.Now, I’m not saying that buying organic will save us from swine flu or bring back the bees but, clearly, if you worry about these things you should choose to eat food that has been produced in a natural way, with minimal chemicals and without cruelty to animals."The Times2 (1 May, p.12)

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