Friday, February 12, 2010

First Pakenham Farmers' Market at new venue

All stallholders have their fingers crossed that the Pakenham Farmers' Market will work on Saturday at it's new temporary venue - the Pakenham Football Club ground on the highway.
Apparently there was an objection from a neighbour to the proposed venue, behind the Cardinia Cultural Centre, and until that is sorted out the maket had to look for a new temporary home.
Most of the stallholders were not convinced that the Cultural Centre site was a good idea anyway and it has been a toss up to decide whether to stick with the market (which has been slowly dying at the Pakenham Racecourse for two years or so) or pull the plug and find a more productive market.
We will stick with it for a bit longer but patronage needs to improve for it to be viable. The Rotary Cub of Pakenham has taken over running the market, but there has been a distinct lack of communication between Rotary and stallholders and there appears to have been very little promotion of the new venue. The danger is that no-one will know the market is on and if there are even less customers than normal, many stallholders are unlikely to return.

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