Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Pakenham Rotary Farmers' Market went well

Well the first Farmers' Market run by Pakenham Rotary Club went pretty well despite a change to the venue which caused confusion for customers.
As a first effort it was encouraging and we will stick with it to see how things progress. Patronage will need to at least double for it to be considered successful.
One of the big poblems it faces (and the reason for the decline of the market when it was previously held at Pakenham Racecourse) is the sheer number of so-called farmers' markets which have been springing up everywhere.
It if it is a genuine farmers' market with only farm-based stallholders and products it is likely to attract a  loyal number of customers looking for quality food. But if it's just another market selling anything and everything there will be nothing to set it apart.
Rotary has some tight guidelines for the market which make it look promising and they appear to be making an attempt to get it rolling as a genuine farmers' market - let's hope they go for accreditation with the Victorian Farmers' Markets Association.

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