Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Lucky Rooster!!

We've just discovered a rooster in our latest flock of Isa Brown pullets. They are all in full lay now with a daily production rate of  97%.
I have no idea how this little devil managed to get through to this stage. He must have been slipped through when the chicks were sexed at day old - so he survived the hatchery process and wasn't identified during rearing.
He's the only rooster on the farm with 850 hens!!!
We have been hearing some strange, muffled noises in the early mornings for a few weeks, but I thought it was coming from a neighbours property.
The rooster seems to know he is not supposed  be here - he doesn't venture out on his own, prefering to stay in the middle of the flock surounded by hens. It seems he thinks we won't recognise him in the midst of all those hens.
I think he will have to go as he is starting to become aggressive, so if I find someone who wants an Isa Brown rooster- he's theirs.
Otherwise he'll fit nicely in the roasting pan.

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