Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New silo should help our efficiency

We've just installed a new silo (the one of the left of the picture).It holds 6 tonnes of chook food - the same as the older version which is due for some repair work on the top and on the cone. Once that's done it will be almost as good as new and we will probably use it for storing corn to add to the feed ration when there's not much green feed about. I'll set up an old grister (grain grinder) which has been sitting down the back of the shed for years. All that needs is for a belt pulley wheel to be attached so I can fit an electric motor. I really don't feel like hand grinding tonnes of corn!
It's something we have been thinking about for a while and it's one of those job which I have finally got around to doing.
Thw first delivery into the new silo should be tomorrow and I expect the old one to be empty by the middle of next so can start work on it. (Not easy to fix up a silo when it has a couple of tonnes of feed inside!)
The silo isn't exactly new - just new to us. It was advertised on eBay and I was the only bidder so it was just a matter of ringing the silo manufacturer and organising him to pick it up and deliver to its new home. We've had the concrete pad ready for a few years as we always intended to get a second silo.

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