Saturday, March 06, 2010

Venus Bay Farmers' Market

We will be at Venus Bay Farmers' Market on Sunday for the first time. It's a special market being run because of the long weekend here in Victoria (Labour Day is Monday.)
Don't know how many eggs to take but I'm told it's been a pretty good market when run in the past.Venus Bay is about on the limit for us as far as distance is concerned - it's almost an hour from the farm and as a matter of policy that is our cut-off point.
Then next weekend we have two markets - Pakenham Farmers' Market at the Pakenham Cultural Centre for the first time. Hopefully there will be a bit of promotion and we will get a good crowd.
Then next Sunday we will be at a sustainability festival at Coal Creek Heritage Park in Korumburra. We expect that in between selling eggs and garlic, we will have time to talk about farm sustainability principles and things like Deep EcologyBrittle Landscapes and Regenerative Agriculture.

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