Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moving in the right direction at Pakenham

Todays' Pakenham Rotary Farmers' Market was a step in the right direction. I almost sold out of eggs and there were good sales of garlic and chillies (which help to pay the stall fees).
It was good enough to encourage me to stay there - but as Anne pointed out that may be a false sense of security and the next 12 months may be cr*p.
We had a few returning customers from the old venue for the market at the Pakenham Racecourse - because they had no idea where the market had gone! I don't know why the Rotary Club of Pakenham expects stall fees if they are not going to promote the market properly.
Some stallholders have already left because they have not been doing enough business - and one would think that Rotary people would understand that stallholders are trying to run a business and need to make a profit.
One of the stallholders who left was apparently told that because of the size of his stall he may have to pay two site fees - his response was "I'm not making enough to justify one site fee so I'm not paying two." So he's not! Instead today he was at a market where the stall fee was twice as much but he sold eight times more product.
As long as our sales justify the time spent going to Pakenham we will stick with it but I have heaps of work to do on the farm every day - and it has to get better.
I wasn't on the farm for the delivery of our new flock of chooks today but I'll post pictures of the new girls tomorrow.

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