Sunday, January 16, 2011

New van expected to arrive on Tuesday

Our new Holden Combo delivery van should arrive on the farm on Tuesday. It's being delivered from Seymour and is a great example of using the internet for purchases.
We saved over $3000 on the list price - and the van is being delivered to us!
It is very similar to our current Combo, but the new model has a slightly smaller engine - 1.4 litres instead of 1.6 (but it has very similar power output) 15 inch wheels rather than 14 inch ones and rear disc brakes. The only other differences appear to be a more sophisticated sound system, electric windows and central locking. So we are in the process of selling the current van which has been a great workhorse. I have removed the signwriting and I'll take it in for its roadworthy certificate this week. It's a 2003 model and has done 169,000 kms of country driving. We are looking at around $7000 for it, which I think is pretty good value for such a reliable vehicle which has been serviced regularly.
The size is ideal for us and given our good experience with our first Combo, it was a natural choice to gofor another one. We thought about buying a VW Caddy but the price difference was a bit daunting! I just wish that Holden imported the diesel version of the Combo which has been available in Europe for years.

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