Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New shed ready for the next flock

A rollaway nesting system being assembled for the next mobile chook shed.
I'm putting the finishing touches to a caravan being modified to accommodate a small flock of hens - 200 pullets. Most of the floor has been ripped out and steel mesh installed to allow manure to fall through.

Perches have been set up and an SKA rollaway nesting system has been fitted - even though I'm not sure it is an improvement on traditional nest boxes with wood shavings.

We will see how it goes but I won't be surprised if after a couple of months I pull out the flash nesting system and put in normal nest boxes.


Anonymous said...


I'm just looking at doing a similar thing.
How did you go with your rollaway system.
Got any advice.

Thanks Greg

freeranger said...

Hi Greg, The SKA nesting system went together easily. Probably if it was the only nest in the shed, the henmsd would us it more. But I also have traditional nest boxes with wood shavings - and the hens prefer to iusdes those. Probably less than 10% of eggs are la8id in the rollaway boxes.
The hens prefer normal nest boxes - and so do I. We don't have a problem with dirty or broken eggs as long as we collect regularly throughout the day. If you are going to leave the eggs all day and just collect once in the evening, then the rollaways are probably a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Phil,

The advice is much appreciated :)