Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Freeranger Eggs on The Living Room

The Freeranger Egg farm will feature on the Channel 10 TV show 'The Living Room' next Friday (May 24 at 7.30). It will probably only be four minutes or so, but celebrity chef Miguel Maestre and the film crew were on the Freeranger farm in February for around eight hours.
They filmed in several of our paddocks and Miguel helped to collect eggs before cooking superb scrambled eggs - Green Eggs and Ham - after reading the Dr Seuss book to the chooks! They certainly enjoyed it as they are always happy in interact with people.

We had to keep some of Maremmas out of the way because they don't like anyone messing around with their hens.
 It was great to meet the production crew, and yes Miguel is just as full-on in person as he is on screen.

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