Saturday, January 04, 2014

Egg Corporation 'not into agri-political activity'

There's always a snippet of interesting information which comes from the Annual Meeting of the Australian Egg Corporation.

The latest one was no exception. The draft minutes show that at the meeting in Perth in November, Mr Don Andary asked "If AECL would respond to comments by a South Australian MP about AECL."

The question presumably was about comments by Liberal Member Michael Pengilly who said: " The Australian Egg Corporation, as far as I am concerned, is nothing much short of a mob of crooks."

There was widespread agreement with that comment at the time.

But the response by AECL Chair Jeff Ironside at the AGM was "Under the terms of the Statutory Funding Agreement, AECL was prohibited from undertaking agri-political activity."

That's news to the industry as AECL has been up to its neck in agri-politics for years. If that has come to a halt, we all welcome it.

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