Sunday, May 22, 2016

Australian politics needs a total clean-out. The States should govern Australia not Canberra carpetbaggers

It's time for a major shake-up with the political system here in Australia. We just seem to lurch along from one pathetic disaster after another.For years Australia 'rode on the sheep's back' then after the wool price collapsed we enjoyed a mineral boom. But rather than build up financial reserves our politicians squandered every dollar. If our Governments had been prudent, the Reserve Bank would be stuffed with money and there would no need for international borrowing. Australia's lunatic fiscal policies over the past few years has just about guaranteed that we will slide into recession this year. It's likely that the Australian dollar will slip to 55c US by the third quarter. At least the Federal Treasurer has made noises about cutting the excessive level of spending – but we are yet to see any action. It's way past time for some fundamental changes to our constitution to reduce costs for the economy. The Federal election won't solve any problems because it will make no difference who wins. What's needed is a total change in the way the system operates. We don't need the current duplication of services in Canberra and the States. About the only function which needs to be administered Federally is defence. State Governments deliver all other services – including health and education so it makes no sense to pay for an army of bureaucrats and Ministers in Canberra who do little but polish chairs with their backsides and hold out their hands to grab our money. The duties of a Federal Government could be adequately performed by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG). This would save billions of dollars every year.

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