Saturday, March 21, 2009

Demand for real free range eggs is still strong

I had a call yesterday from a bloke who said he owned a few restaurants in Melbourne and he wanted to source genuine free range eggs. I told him that our total weekly production was only about 400 - 450 dozen and his response was 'I only want 400 dozen each week'. It took 15 minutes or so to convince him that we couldn't possibly fill his order whilst meeting our regular committments.

His suggesstion was was that we should expand. My suggestion was ###########

We are always happy to accept new orders - but as a business philosophy we don't subscribe to the GOD 'growth' - and we won't expand our production to meet demand


Anonymous said...

Are any of your regular commitments retailers where the public have access to you Free Range Eggs? If so, what brand are they?

freeranger said...

Yes we sell to some retailers in our local area - the brand is Freeranger Eggs.
We supply the BP Service Station at Grantille, the Corinella General Store and Angels Health Foods in Cowes, Phillip Island.