Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Benefits of setting up a free range farm

Anyone thinking about making a career or lifestyle change could think about free range farming. Clear consumer demand for free range eggs has generated a strong increase in the number of people wanting to start their own free range egg business. As well as making a living, a successful farm has significant environmental benefits. A good starting point is reading the eBook on starting a free range farm available on the Freeranger Eggs website: . Detailed information is available on the Freeranger Club downloads page about things like shed requirements, food safety, egg packaging and labelling. When you decide to set up a free range egg farm, take the time to plan it properly. Find out the zoning of the land and talk to your local Council planning department about their requirements. It’s also worth contacting the State Department of Agriculture. You can find on-line resources in most states. In Victoria, contact: Once that is sorted, talk to your Council Environmental Health Department about any specific requirements they have before you get underway.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Maremmas protect all our flocks

Maremma guardian dogs protect all our flocks from predators they work equally well with sheep and chickens.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Where our food comes from

For many years before factory farming and mass production became common, it was easy for consumers to see where food came from. Eggs, dairy, meat and vegetables often grew on nearby farms and usually meat was bought at a local butcher. Today, the majority of people buy food at massive supermarkets(stupidmarkets) because they are seen as convenient. Many butchers, greengrocers, fruiterers and fishmongers have disappeared because even though they usually provide superior food, customers are beguiled by the bright lights and slick advertising of the major retailers. It’s the same with farms, A look at supermarket shelves reveals a vast array of eggs labelled free range – but in reality all those eggs are from intensive farms. To meet the regular volume of eggs demanded by major stupidmarkets, egg producers are required to buy in eggs from around the country. Custoners know they can rely on the quality of Freeranger Eggs which are all laid by hens on our farm.