Sunday, May 31, 2020

Scientist says intensive agriculture could create a pandemic worse than COVID19

Dr Michael Greger, a US nutritionist, claims that intensive animal husbandry makes us vulnerable to a pandemic worse than COVID19. He predicts that a real plague such as bird flue could wipe out half the world population. Dr Greger, a vegan, is founder of which provides details of new developments in nutrition science. He has written a book ‘How To Survive A Pandemic’ where he states that “as long as there is poultry, there will be pandemics", adding: "In the end, it may be us or them". He says the mass farms where chickens live in such tight spaces they cannot flap their wings and the high ammonia level from their droppings are a recipe for disease. He says we need to shift from the mass production of chickens to smaller flocks that are raised in less crowded spaces with outdoor access, better hygiene and without the use of human antivirals. As he is a vegan, his views may be regarded by some as extreme, but many seehis comments as valid. Dr Greger adds that unatural egg production should stop.

Friday, May 29, 2020

More Salmonella cases from supermarket eggs

Six people are reported to have become ill with salmonella poisoning after eating eggs bought in a Victorian supermarket. Salmonella Enteritids is a bacterial disease of poultry which can cause gastroenteritis in people. The outbreak follows major incidents last year involving at least 12 intensive farms. The current problem is believed to include eggs from a number of producers which seems to indicate that food safety regulations are a waste of time in Australia. The Department of Health is still investigating the source. The message is clear - don't buy eggs in stupidmarkets. They are fine for household items like toothpaste, toilet paper and detergents - but not for fresh food. No food safety recalls have yet been made and consumers have not been advised about which egg brandsto avoid. The only information provided is that the eggs were bought in Coles at Werribee. Eggs from the same suppliers will be available in other stupidmarkets.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Farm training scholarships

Victorian Minister for Agriculture Jaclyn Symes has launched a young farmers scholarship, which provides$10,000 for successful applicants to study and train in areas such as business and risk management, genetics and pasture management development. Workers on egg farms are eligible to participate in the program. Further funding of up to $5,000 is available to put new skills into practice in fields such as professional development and business planning, or to invest in on-farm practices, equipment and technology.

Sunday, May 03, 2020

Freerange Eggs website

Freeranger Eggs is a multi- platform business. Our main activity is operating a sustainable farm producing free range eggs for customers in our local area. We use our website , this blog and our facebook page as educational tools to provide clear information to consumers – and also to encourage the establishment of other low density farms, Free range eggs are a niche market in a boutique industry and industrial-scale producers should not use the term ‘free range’. Our eBook on setting up a free range farm is available through our website.