Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bass Coast Shire - environmental vandals - send in the clowns

Bass Coast is living up to its 'red-neck' reputation by ripping up roadside vegetation which it designated as significant. One wonders what was the point in spending money on environmental consultants to identify native vegetation on the roadsides and rank its significance if the tractors and slashers are sent in to destroy it - or maybe that was the cunning plan!
"Lets see what we have that's important and then we can have fun destroying it!"
Despite an assurance by senior Shire staff that roadside work would not be undertaken, today the Shire sent in a tractor and slasher for the second time in a month along Stanley Road in Grantville - one of the most important pieces of roadside vegetation in the whole of the Shire.
Not really the way to run Council services but the problem ratepayers have is that no-one cares.
It's no wonder there is so little native vegetation left in the Shire. There are a handful of Flora and Fauna Reserves and Nature Conservation Reserves. A little can be found along the foreshore (but residents clear much of it to gain a sea view or because it looks untidy). Most of it on private land has already been cleared for 'development' or agriculture, what is left will be stripped away once sand extraction starts on a major scale and the rest is on the roadsides - at the mercy of the Shire vandals!
Council bureaucrats seem to believe that spending ratepayers dollars on Landcare staff absolves them from any recognition that the retention of native vegetation is important.