Sunday, August 24, 2008

New display for Farmers' Markets

Our new display for Farmers' Markets had its first outing on Saturday at Churchill Island. I had too many signs (as you can see) so I will reduce the numbers at future markets.
We have a couple of weeks to get ready as our next market is the Cardinia Ranges market at Pakenham Racecourse on Saturday September 13.
I think its important to promote the Free Range Farmers Association as well as our own business because it's the accreditation process which sets real free range farms apart from those who have tens of thousands of de-beaked birds in sheds with eggs collected by automatic conveyor belts rather than people.
Annual inspections ensure that accredited farms comply with all regulations, including stocking densities, hen welfare and food safety procedures.
Come and have a chat at Pakenham, Korumburra, Inverloch or the next Churchill Island market - or call at the farm any Sunday afternoon.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Demand still huge for our eggs

Demand for our eggs has never been greater! Since the Jamie Oliver TV show 'Jamie's Fowl Dinners' was screened here on Chanel 10 we have been receiving phone calls and emails almost every day enquiring about supplying eggs.
The reality is that our eggs are virtually laid to order. We have our regular sales each week which normally take up our entire production of 400 - 450 dozen eggs per week. We already supply four restaurants, two health food shops, two fruit and veggie shops and our local outlet at the BP service station in Grantville. On top of that we home deliver to regular customers and we sell at Farmers' Markets at Churchill Island, Inverloch, Pakenham and Korumburra.
We are in the process of setting up new display stands for the Farmers' Markets which we hope will strengthen the image of 'free range' and in particular the freeranger brand.