Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More from the Arab News

The latest Arab News has more about the benefits of eating free range eggs.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

E-book on keeping free range hens

Our E-books on keeping chickens have been real winners. We have two versions - one for backyarders who only want a few hens to lay eggs for their own families (or to swap produce with neighbours) and one for people interested in setting up a small commercial free range farm.
It's available through the Freeranger Eggs website at:

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

'Free Range' - should be more than just a label

Figures show that in August there were record sales of free range eggs in Australia - or more correctly there were record sales of eggs labelled as free range.
The Australian Egg Corporation is keen to suggest that their version of intensive 'free range' production meets consumer demand and expectation.  It demonstrates the urgent need for politicians to legislate the Model Code.

Have a look at this video

Here's a short video about farm production

Monday, November 07, 2011

Truth in Labelling to be discussed at next COAG meeting

Free Range egg farmers across Australia welcome the decision by the NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Katrina Hodgkinson, to table 'Truth in Labelling' as an issue for discussion at the December COAG meeting (Council of Australian Governments).
It is hoped that the State and Federal Governments will help protect family farms from the onslaught of big business by legislating the provisions of the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals - Domestic Poultry.
The Australian Egg Corporation has been misleading in its references to stocking densities and its proposals for intensive production systems to be designated as 'free range'.

If the Model Code is enshrined in legislation, it will greatly assist all in the industry, as well as increasing consumer confidence. One of the major problems at present is that the Model Code is a voluntary document. Even though the Australian Egg Corporation says that compliance with the Code is a requirement of its Egg Corp Assured program it does not enforce any of the provisions it contains.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Supermarket wars to get tougher

THE new chief executive of Woolworths, Grant O’Brien is planning to double Woolies sale of home brand products, bringing it closer to supermarkets in Britain and the US, where the category dominates shelves and generates massive earnings.
The battle with Coles for market dominance will see many manufacturers and producers (including egg farmers who choose to supply the supermarkets) facing tighter margins as the two retail giants screw down prices.
And the Australian Egg Corporation is playing their game by trying to introduce standards which will help the supermarkets cut the margins of all their egg suppliers - which is likely to have a flow-on effect throughout the industry.
It is thought that Mr O’Brien, who has only been in the top job at Woolworths for a month, has targeted an increase in space allocated to home brand goods to eventually capture about 35 per cent of total sales - and more than 50% for staples such as eggs, milk and bread.
And the Egg Corp claims to represent the interests of all egg producers!!!!