Sunday, December 31, 2023

We don't get apologies like this from our government leader

 A woman in Moscow had a simple request for the Russian President, Vladimir Putin:  ‘ Bring down the price of eggs.’

Her criticism prompted an apology from Mr Putin who said it was a “failure of the government’s work” that egg prices have soared 40% in 2023 at the same time,egg exports grew by more than 17%..

Economic analysts point to the increase in military spending that has caused inflation in consumer goods as well as sanctions following the Ukraine war.To help solve the problem, Belarus has increased supplies of chicken eggs to Russia - more than 11 million eggs were exported in the first ten days of January -almost twice as much as in the same period last year. 

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Australia needs many more genuine freerange farms

Genuine freerange eggs can't be found on supermarket shelves. Help to solve the egg shortage by keeping hens at home to lay eggs for your family or set up your own small business like Anne and Phil  Westwood. Check the freeranger website and our eBook which is ready to be forwarded to you as a pdf.

Sunday, December 03, 2023

Trialling feed additive from mussel waste


At Freeranger Eggs, we are about to begin trialling a supplementary feed additive processed from Blue Lipped freeze-dried Mussels which could boost the nutritional value of eggs, particularly levels of omega 3 fatty acids. Freeranger Eggs has Isa Brown chickens on our 80 hectare farm run by Anne and Phil Westwood..

The supplement is provided by PETS HEALTHRUS in Geelong after the mussel waste is processed by Forager Foods in Tasmania. Preliminary work on utilising mussel waste has been undertaken in New Zealand by the Government’s Callaghan Innovation Agency but Freeranger Eggs is the first in Australia to try the process. We are awaiting the delivery from Tasmania so we can start.

Followers of our blog and website know that genuine freerange eggs from hens with unlimited access to pasture already have twice the Omega 3 levels of cage or barn laid eggs as well as 7 times the beta carotene, 3 times the vitamins E and A. The supplement adds essential calcium, nutrients and protein to the hens’ diet.

Free range eggs are higher in protein and contain less saturated fats because of their unlimited access to green pasture. “There may well be other benefits from the mussel feed,” said Anne. “We provide our hens with a nutritionally balanced diet formulated for us by Reid Stockfeeds so we are limiting the addition of the supplement to a maximum of 8% by volume. Phil said that the limited use was not expected to result in a fishy taint from the additional Omega 3. “We monitor egg quality constantly and if any change is detected, the trial will be halted immediately,” he added.