Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Great Farmers' Markets

We had two great Farmers' Markets over the weekend - Churchill Island and Inverloch where we sold around 400 dozen eggs. It's the tourist season here in South Gippsland so basically we have wall-to-wall people and traffic like you wouldn't believe.
Tourism is not wonderful for our business because we can't dial-up production for a few weeks to take advantage of the terrorists (sorry tourists) but we do what we can to meet demand. As an accredited free range farm we have to maintain an audit trail, and we can only purchase eggs from another accredited farm. Thankfully we have been able to that this year from farms which are not in tourist locations.
We increased our flock size on the farm with an additional 400 birds in November and that helped us through the huge peak demand.
Hopefully within a week, we will be back to normal - whatever that is!!