Monday, April 28, 2014

Telstra has fixed our landline at last

That headline was a little premature.Our landline and internet connection were working again for a day after about a month of problems - which meant that we were not able to send our eBook and Freeranger Club password to those who registered for our our next workshop on setting up a free range farm on May  31. The telephone worked for a day after Telstra fixed a fault at the exchange. But it has failed again. Thankfully the internet connection is still working. (I don't understand how the internet is OK over the phone line when the phone doesn't work).But at least we are not completely out of touch with the world and can send and receive emails.
Our internet service provider says that at Grantville, we are ouside the area which can use their wireless internet connection - but we will check out a wireless service offered by an ISP on Phillip Island. We are sick of Telstra!!