Saturday, July 29, 2006

Egg Substitution

The Sydney Morning Herald has a very enlightening article on the egg substitution issue - which is largely a result of the poor definition of the term 'free range'

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cold weather affecting production

Even though we are close to the coast, we've had more frosts this year than usual - six or seven instead of just one or two - and that has affected our egg laying rate.
We normally need around 400 dozen a week to satisfy demand but for the past couple of weeks we've been down to around 200 dozen.

This means that customers at the two main markets we attend - Churchill Island Farmers Market and Cardinia Ranges Farmers Market have been suffering.

We have been battling to keep up supplies to our regular outlets and home delivery customers.

The problem should sort itself out in a few weeks when a new flock comes into lay, but it's frustrating waiting for supply to catch up with demand.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


It's hard hard to understand why so many people just don't get that we are all part of the same planet. What's so difficult about accepting that destroying vast areas of forest in the Amazon, or Indonesia, or Australia will have major implications for everyone? We all breathe the same air and we all drink the same water (some of us have to drink recycled water and probably most will have to in the future if we live in cities).
Farm businesses can certainly help to reduce those problems if there is an effective farm programme which allows the business to carry out its activities without detrimental impacts. In Australia, the Landcare programme has fostered a tremendous understanding that something needs be done.
It has germinated the idea that farm practices can actually enhance profits and regional biodiversity at the same time. It is a great starting point - but time is running out! We have to get our various acts into gear and get serious about managing our catchments in a way that delivers a community benefit.
I don't think we've done that so far.