Sunday, May 22, 2016

Australian politics needs a total clean-out. The States should govern Australia not Canberra carpetbaggers

It's time for a major shake-up with the political system here in Australia. We just seem to lurch along from one pathetic disaster after another.For years Australia 'rode on the sheep's back' then after the wool price collapsed we enjoyed a mineral boom. But rather than build up financial reserves our politicians squandered every dollar. If our Governments had been prudent, the Reserve Bank would be stuffed with money and there would no need for international borrowing. Australia's lunatic fiscal policies over the past few years has just about guaranteed that we will slide into recession this year. It's likely that the Australian dollar will slip to 55c US by the third quarter. At least the Federal Treasurer has made noises about cutting the excessive level of spending – but we are yet to see any action. It's way past time for some fundamental changes to our constitution to reduce costs for the economy. The Federal election won't solve any problems because it will make no difference who wins. What's needed is a total change in the way the system operates. We don't need the current duplication of services in Canberra and the States. About the only function which needs to be administered Federally is defence. State Governments deliver all other services – including health and education so it makes no sense to pay for an army of bureaucrats and Ministers in Canberra who do little but polish chairs with their backsides and hold out their hands to grab our money. The duties of a Federal Government could be adequately performed by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG). This would save billions of dollars every year.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Aussie election not going the way the Government planned

It seems that the election campaign in Australia isn’t going the way the government planned. The Liberal/national coalition thought that the popularity of a relatively new prime minister would be enough to guarantee victory. But the road hasn’t been smooth and even if the coalition retains power it is likely to have a smaller parliamentary majority. Almost certainly it won’t control the Senate – which was its aim in calling a double dissolution election. A series of dumb decisions and comments by Ministers has been seized on by opponents to demonstrate that the current government is out of touch with the community. Immigration Minister Peter Dutton seems to be doing everything he can to lose his seat by making derogatory statements about immigrants and refugees Australia’s Minister for Small Business and Assistant Treasurer is also a case in point and she may battle to retain her seat. Voters in the electorate of Higgins vote for anyone but Kelly O’Dwyer No support for small business from kelly O'Dwyer Businesses in the Federal seat of Higgins can expect no support from local member the Minister for Small Business, Kelly O'Dwyer, following a decision which could force the closure of many small family farm businesses across Australia. She chaired a meeting of Ministers for Consumer Affairs which approved an intensive standard for free range egg production – allowing eggs from hens on factory farms with stocking densities of 10,000 hens per hectare to be labelled as free range – instead of the accepted standard of 1500 hens per hectare. Former egg industry auditor Phil Westwood of Freeranger Eggs said the unfair competition could spell the end for some farms. “The decision endorses corrupt practices in the industry and effectively provides unscrupulous operators with a defence from prosecution by the ACCC. A recent prosecution for deceptive practices saw a $300,000 fine imposed by the Federal Court on several farms which labelled their intensively produced eggs as 'free range'. “Now it's an open-go for intensive farms who can thumb their noses at consumers and the ACCC” Phil Westwood said. “Although voters in the seat of Higgins probably don't care about farmers, small business owners in the area should realise that they can't rely on her to support anything but big bussiness.” he added. Phil Westwood Freeranger Eggs Private Bag 245a Grantville 3984 0356788483 web www 0402070531

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Voter apathy at Australian election

Now is an opportunity for Australian voters to let politicians know exactly what we think of them.Tell the Canberra brigade in major parties that we don't trust any of them. With the Federal election now up and running, is it worth taking any time to think about how to vote? Will it make any difference? Whoever wins, the politicians will continue to look after their own interests and maintain their extravagant 'entitlements' while we lesser mortals are just expected to shut up and pay the bills. An informal vote looks very attractive! It doesn't matter who forms Government – the same bureaucrats run the show anyway. Hopefully voters in the electorate of Higgins will send politicians a message by dumping Small Business Minister Kelly O'Dwyer after she turned her back on family farmers in favour of major corporations in her 'free range' egg standard debacle. And with a bit of luck voters in New England will get rid of Barnaby Joyce who is an embarrassment as Deputy Prime Minister.