Saturday, July 30, 2022

Food safety videos for egg producers

 Agriculture Victoria has developed online videos covering the Primary Production and Processing Standard for Eggs and Egg Products., to support food safety . The rules apply to anyone who sells eggs -but are usually ignored by backyarders who claim to be exempt even though some sell many eggs each week.

Each video outlines a specific section of the Egg Standard to assist producers and staff to better understand their obligations.

Ten new videos are recorded in both English and Mandarin and are available to watch on the Agriculture Victoria website.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Eagles and land clearing

 Ptotecting a flock from predators is a major issue on free range farms – which is one reason many egg producers keep hens locked in sheds.

Maremma guardian dogs are a great help against foxes but not so good against wedgetail eagles which can swoop in before the dogs see them. Thankfully eagle attacks are not common but it's still sad to see  a pile of feathers at the point of contact. The Victorian Government and Bass Coast Shire Council may solve the problem with their drive to exterminate local wildlife by failing to enforce planning permits and allowing the destruction of vast areas of native vegetation.

Monday, July 04, 2022

Trading eggs for side of pork

 We’ve just packed a side of pork in a freezer to supplement the lamb we grow on farm. Anne exchanged some of our eggs for 41 kg of pork from a neighbouring farm/butchery. Great roasts chops and sausages.