Friday, January 26, 2024

20 million chickens can't keep up with Australia's demand for eggs

 With 20 million chickens in Australia and an average of 18 million eggs consumed each day, farmers throughout the country struggle to keep up with demand. Even a slight drop in production creates an immediate shortfall.One simple solution to help solve the egg shortage is to have your own hens at home to lay eggs for your family or set up your own small business. Check the freeranger website and our eBook which is ready to be forwarded to you as a pdf.

Lamb bbq for Australia Day

 nothing better than lamb chops on the barbie to celebrate Australia Day.

Maybe some loud music from Cosmic Psychos.

Saturday, January 13, 2024

VALE Wesson

 Anyone who has been to the farm has known Wesson, our elderly Dingo/Smithfield cross. Unfortunately he will no longer greet visitors as he died last night. He was always happy even though in recent years he has been virtually blind and deaf. VALE Wesson old friend, we will miss you.  So will the Maremmas as they will have to control the foxes without your help.