Thursday, January 24, 2013

Food safety issues on egg farms

Ideally, Storage temperatures
should be logged twice a day
In the US, authorities are beginning to enforce food safety requirements on egg farms. Here in Australia, we have a few regulations, but mostly just voluntary standards. Enforcement generally depends on individual  accreditation programs or on local government environmental heath officers - and that varies greatly from Shire to Shire.
One of the problem areas identified in the US was the recording of cool room temperatures. That is probably the biggest single issue here.
Many farms don't bother to log temperatures (some don't even have cool rooms) and some transport eggs for days in unrefrigerated vehicles.
The risks to health can be significant when eggs are stored and transported incorrectly and it seems weird that temperature control is not a mandatory requirement.
Here's an article about some of the US findings on non-compliance with regulations.

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