Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Aussie drought is biting

The drought is biting pretty hard in most parts of Australia and even here in South Gippsland we are not immune. The town water supply is dwindling fast and farm dams are running low. People on Phillip Island are starting to panic with the tourist season fast approaching.
One of the pathetic things though is the way some farmers just have to whinge!
One local was in the paper last week saying he had to sell cattle at a third of their market market value.
What a load of cr*p. He sold at the market price. If he'd had the sense to sell a month or two earlier he may well have received two thirds more for his cattle.
The biggest impact so far for us is the price of feed. It's already risen 25 - 30% and as feed is our biggest input in the cost of producing eggs we will have to pass that on to consumers.
For us the Christmas holiday period is truly the 'silly season' because the population increases so remarkably that we have no hope of meeting demand for free range eggs.

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