Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fire fighting pumps at the ready!

With the devastating wildfires still roaring through many parts of Victoria, we are very aware of the need to be ready to tackle a local blaze.
We have two fire-fighting pumps (one diesel and one petrol) connected to tanks and one connected to a 600 litre mobile trailer. In addition we have fire extinguishers at all the mobile chook sheds and I've been going around today squirting water to keep the hens cool. We had a slight drop in egg production today but nothing serious and all the hens look pretty happy.
Today is a total fire ban day in our region and thankfully we haven't heard any of the locals riding around on their trail bikes in the bush.
It's amazing just how dumb some people are - because it's their home which are likely to burn if they start a fire.
I couldn't get one of the petrol pumps to start up this morning so I took it down to our local mechanic to see what was up. Apparently it has a fail safe device to prevent it running if the engine is low on oil. So all it needed was a top-up and it ran perfectly.
The motor and pump are new so it's a pity the manufacturer didn't supply a leaflet telling that information!!!!


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