Saturday, May 09, 2009

Orders for eggs

It's interesting that only one of the stores which stocks our eggs doesn't seem to understand why a small egg producer like us can't always meet their orders for eggs.
Everyone else recognises that this is a boutique market, that production volumes will vary throughout the year – and they need to either have a standing order or give us at least three days to meet their requirements prior to a delivery run.
We always do everything we can to meet orders (I hate saying NO) but it's a bit rich to ring up the day before a scheduled delivery to increase the order.
We can't pluck eggs out the air!!!
Many of our regular customers at Farmers' Markets have missed out because we haven't had enough eggs to get to the Farmers' Markets at Inverloch, Churchill Island or Pakenham.
The cold weather has delayed full production from the new flock but the number of eggs is increasing every day.
If you have a look at our website - it's easy to understand that we are very small players in the egg business. We will leave the mass market to others!

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