Sunday, May 30, 2010

New career on the speaker circuit?

Anne had an interesting day at Pearcedale on Saturday talking with a group of smallholders about free range egg production as part of a diversified farming operation.
It was one of the days organised by the Department of Primary Industries as a key element of its AgFutures program. We have hosted these sorts of days on the farm for various groups to show how things are done but there's obviously a pretty substantial demand out there for information on farming alternatives. It was a group of around 15 people, which is an ideal size to generate interaction.
There were four speakers at the forum, Anne talking about chooks, garlic and chillies - discussing things like setup costs, sustainability and marketing, Dugald Cameron from Phillip Island, talking about fodder crops, contracting and agistment, Kevin Wilkinson dealing with composting and Tony Gill on setting up a co-operative.
It was apparently a good day.

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