Monday, February 28, 2011

Chooks and predators

When I was down in our bottom paddock collecting eggs this afternoon, the chooks kicked up a hellava commotion and I emerged from the laying shed to see what was going on. There was a young fox sneaking up to the electranet fence. It was only about 20 yards from Bella, the Maremma who protects that flock but she was busy cleaning herself and hadn't seen the potential intruder.
When I yelled, she jumped up and the fox shot off into the bush. She seemed to be ashamed that the fox had come so close.

But as I was going back to the grading room, I could hear one of our other flocks going berserk - and I thought 'Oh no, another fox'. But when I got close, I could see a brown falcon sitting on the roof of their shed. It was presumably waiting for mice as I moved that shed yesterday and I had noticed what appeared to be a mouse nest.

The falcon flew off slowly as I approached and swooped over me- so I believe it was probably one that we had raised in the wildife shelter and released last year. 

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