Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Approval for massive 'free range' farm in WA

The Shire of Gingin in WA has approved a plan for a 'free range' poultry farm with 360,000 birds at Wanerie, west of Gingin.

In February Gingin council approved a proposal from AAA Eggs to establish the massive egg farm, subject to strict conditions, including annual odour reports .

The 200ha site is 37km northeast of Gingin townsite.

The council considered the proposal a number of times and requested more information, before referring the case to the State Administrative Tribunal.

Most of the local concerns were about amenity, in particular odour control. Annual odour reporting and the establishment of a community stakeholder group are included in the permit conditions.

AAA is WA's biggest egg producer and already has a production facility in Gingin Shire.

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