Monday, September 23, 2013

Free Range Farmers nonsense

It's often hard to understand where people are coming from. It seems that the faceless individuals currently running the Free Range Farmers Association don't like some of the things I have been saying.
Well tough!!
I have stated very openly that I and the farm operated with Anne are no longer members of FRFA because the committee refused to uphold the standards of the Association.
In press coverage I do not claim to represent FRFA or the national association. I tell journalists that I am the immediate Past President of the national body.
What more can I do? I can't help it if the reporters want to obtain factual information from me rather than mindless nonsense from the newly appointed FRFA President or Secretary.
There is nothing on the FRFA website to show members (or anyone else) who are on the committee. But from aggressive and negative letters which have been sent out, it seems that Dianne Moore is currently the President, and Jessica Luketic is the secreatary. WHY HAVEN'T MEMBERS BEEN INFORMED? 

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