Sunday, January 12, 2014

Egg printing options

There are so many egg printing/stamping options around that it's all a bit of a blur trying to work out the most effective system for our farm.
We have ordered a single egg stamper which will be used over the next few months while we continue the search for a laser or inkjet printer which we can couple with our elderly grading machine.
It will be interesting to get the reactions of our customers at Farmers' Markets when they first see printing on our eggs.
The ink used is supposedly food grade.
It's all part of national food safety regulations and everyone selling eggs in Victoria is required to comply by November this year. (I almost foolishly said they must comply - but of course they won't). Currently there are many egg sellers who ignore regulations. They are not registered with their Council, or with DEPI and have have no idea about food safety issues. Why are genuine producers forced to meet the cost of compliance when so many backyarders flout the system?
They sell their dodgy eggs on the roadside or at markets (even those which claim to be accredited Farmers' Markets)  every week and no-one does anything about it. I will raise this issue again with our local environmental health officer at our next inspection!

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