Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bird flu in UK is impacting on producers

Outbeaks of avian influenza are devastating for the egg industry - as was seen in NSW last year and is now being experienced in Europe. Here's a report about the latest outbreak in UK.
Egg farmers in Australia, and everywhere else need to heed biosecurity principles to protect their own businesses and their fellows in the industry.
All egg farmers here are currently paying for the greed of one or two farmers in NSW who risked everything to make a quick buck.

2 comments: said...

and despite the perceptions about the risk of AI in free range flocks the outbreaks in the UK and the Netherlands were first reported in intensive cage layers and duck breeding flock.

It is not clear what was the status of the turkeys in Germany as far as housing but clearly free range flocks either in Europe or in the current outbreak in Canada (H5N2) do not appear to dominate the picture.

freeranger said...

Thanks George, I've been pushing this with politicians and industry figures for some years - but no-one wants to listen.