Saturday, September 26, 2015

Australian back-down on Syria

The Australian Government has come to its senses and recognised that our absurd policy on the Middle East had to change. There is no way that our military action can be sustained - or justified. Comments by Julie Bishop suggest that rather than bomb the crap out of Syria, Australia may now work with the Syrian Government to address the problem of ISIL That's what we should have been doing all along, especially as ISIL is a creation of the military action of the US, Australia and the UK in Afghanistan and Iraq.Russian support for the Syrian regime forced our Government's hand and will also change US policy. Once Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Vladimir Putin in Moscow to talk about ways to ensure that Russian and Israeli fighters avoided conflict, the US and Australia had to follow suit or face up to the prospect of having jets shot out of the air. Our politicians have a lot to answer for.The Assad regime is the legitimate government in Syria, It makes no difference what thugs think in the US, Australia or the UK. In many views, the biggest war criminals in the Middle East have been George W Bush, John Howard and Tony Blair.

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