Saturday, May 07, 2016

Voter apathy at Australian election

Now is an opportunity for Australian voters to let politicians know exactly what we think of them.Tell the Canberra brigade in major parties that we don't trust any of them. With the Federal election now up and running, is it worth taking any time to think about how to vote? Will it make any difference? Whoever wins, the politicians will continue to look after their own interests and maintain their extravagant 'entitlements' while we lesser mortals are just expected to shut up and pay the bills. An informal vote looks very attractive! It doesn't matter who forms Government – the same bureaucrats run the show anyway. Hopefully voters in the electorate of Higgins will send politicians a message by dumping Small Business Minister Kelly O'Dwyer after she turned her back on family farmers in favour of major corporations in her 'free range' egg standard debacle. And with a bit of luck voters in New England will get rid of Barnaby Joyce who is an embarrassment as Deputy Prime Minister.

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