Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The taste of eggs depends on the hens' diet

“Why don’t my eggs taste as good as yours?” Is a question we are often asked, even by people with the same breed of hens – Isa Browns. When I speak to them about how they keep their hens, the answer is often that they are kept in yards and fed layer pellets. Well, that’s the difference, our hens are in paddocks with unrestricted access to pasture including insects, worms etc and a supplementary diet of grains. Commercial layer pellets contain a wide range of fillers, binders and additives including meat meal and colouring pigments whereas our feed is formulated to our specification by a Feed Safe certified mill, Reid Stockfeeds. The quality of each egg is determined by what the hen has eaten. With a natural diet, the eggs will taste as they should. Back yard eggs will seldom taste as good as eggs from genuine free range hens. Because their diet is limited.

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