Monday, August 06, 2018

Soon no more killing of male chicks at hatcheries

Canadian research will soon end the killing of day old male chicks at hatcheries around the world. Industry body,Egg Farmers of Ontario is in the process of patenting a process which it says can determine the sex of a chick before eggs are incubated. Machinery manufacturers should soon have a prototype candling device available to determine the sex of embryos in eggs on the day an egg is laid.The hyper-eye technology uses Near Infrared Spectroscopy to deliver the outcomes. Research has been conducted in a number of countries, but it seems that Canada has beaten everyone to the punch by developing a system to identify male embryos and prevent them from being hatched. This will remove one of the major arguments from animal activists against egg farmers. They currently attack even free range farms over the destruction of male chicks at hatcheries because they are regarded as a by-product as they are unable to lay eggs.

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