Tuesday, May 07, 2019

UN 'wake up' call on climate change - our webinars will help

The latest United Nations report on the implications of climate change for all life on earth is a serious ‘wake-up’ call for everyone to do their bit in the drive to halt pollution and global warming.Species extinctions are a huge threat. The impacts of industrial agriculture on the environment, public health, and rural communities make it an unsustainable way to grow our food over the long term. Scientists recognise that better science-based methods are available. At Freeranger Eggs, we believe the report validates the importance of our our proposed webinars to encourage the establishment of more freerange farms. Everyone can help to establish more genuine, small scale free range egg farms by supporting a programme of webinars demonstrating all the processes involved. The webinars will encourage hundreds more farms to be established.An eBook on starting a free range farm is also available through the Freeranger website. There isn't much time to reach the crowd funding target Of $8000 as the first webinar is scheduled for World ERgg Day, October 11. The webinars will be free and all participants will receive a copy of our eBook.The Crowd Funding appeal is at:https://www.gofundme.com/2tar52c

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