Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Coronaviris in chickens


Covid 19 is just one Coronavirus. It’s in the news as it happens to be one that infects humans but there are many others, just as virulent, which can be contracted by animals. Dr. Mark Jackwood is a molecular virologist at the University of Georgia. His primary area of research is the study of avian coronaviruses. Specifically, he works with infectious bronchitis  a virus that causes upper-respiratory disease in chickens Dr. Jackwood’s work involves the use of molecular techniques for the identification, characterization, and control of the virus. He is regarded as one of the leading experts in his field. Thankfully a vaccine was developed some years ago and is widely used to protect poultry. Anyone buying poultry should ensure that the birds have been vaccinated against Infectious Bronchitis as well as Mareks Disease, Newcastle Disease, Infectious Laryo Tracheitis, Avian Encaphaomyalitis, Egg Drop Syndrome and Fowl Pox. With quality food, clean water and good animal husbandry, the birds should live long and productive lives. They will be at risk when kept in overcrowded conditions with little or no outdoor access and adequate sunlight.

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