Monday, October 04, 2021

Victoria loses control of COVID pandemic


The Victorian State Government has lost control of the Covid19 outbreak with record numbers of infections despite extreme lockdowns and a major jump in the vaccine rate. 1,143 new COVID-19 cases and three deaths were reported in the latest24 hours. The development may result in more calls to remove emergency powers from the Chif Health Officer - a bureaucrat and hand the decision-making responsibility to the Health Minister and Premier. After all it's politicians who are elected to make decisions - they are supposed to govern us, not the bureaucrats.

The results came from 62,883 tests and takes the total number of active cases in the state to 10,944. The figures seem to suggest that vaccines are not the silver bullet asserted by politicians and senior bureaucrats. It also seems likely that the infection is spread as a result of queuing at Covid testing sites and that lockdowns and compulsory vaccinations are not as effective as claimed. It seems that lockdowns and curfews are more damaging to people than the coronavirus.


freeranger said...

Covid numbers are still rising in Victoria, despite the high vaccine rate and draconian restrictions

freeranger said...

Influenza’s global impact has almost been forgotten as attention has focussed on Covid19. But ‘flu causes 3 to 5 million to five million cases of severe illness every year, and up to 650,000 deaths.