Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Back on line after a lightning strike

Our phone land line (and therefore internet connection) was knocked out by lightning on Christmas Eve and when I contacted our service provider - DCSI - they advised that Telstra was contracted to carry out line servicing and maintenance for them.
The problem with that was that Telstra said they couldn't come to the farm to look at the problem (and hopefully fix it) until January 3(today).
As you can tell, the line is now fixed - but how did Telstra and DCSI expect us to carry out our normal business activites without a phone or internet access for 10 days?
At this time of year, peak holiday season, all our restaurants need more eggs and they ring or email their orders on a regular basis. Thankfully most of our regulars have my mobile number but we missed orders from those shops and restaurants which only deal with us occasionally.
I don't understand what would have been hard for the landline calls to be switched to my mobile given that Telstra couldn't be bothered to fix the line in a day or so.
I've advised DCSI that we will lodge a complaint with the Telecommunications Ombudsman.

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