Saturday, January 14, 2012

Churchill Island Farmers' Market

It was an excellent day at Churchill Island Farmers' Market today. I sold out all my eggs at about noon - 150 dozen.  Now we have to prepare for the Inverloch Farmers' Market tomorrow.
We don't normally do two markets on a weekend because we don't usually have enough eggs. But because of the abnormally cool weather for midsummer, the chooks are still laying brilliantly and we have a great lay rate.
This, coupled with a slack economy which means that the restaurant trade is down about 25% compared with this time last year, allows us go to more markets.
In fact this weekend we have three!  Anne went to the Coal Creek Farmers' Market and sold around 80 dozen.
So assuming Inverloch is successful, we should end up having a great weekend.
Hopefully it will make up for last Wednesday when I went to the market at Venus Bay. The weather was atrocious, virtually no customers came along and most stall holders went home after an hour or so.
I stuck it out in the wind for a while, but eventually gave up and headed back to the farm. I sold just 13 dozen !!

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