Monday, January 30, 2012

Egg Corp crisis meeting

The Australian Egg Corporation has called a crisis meeting for early February to get the biggest 25 egg producers to address the problems of massive over-supply.

Apparently by July this year, on current projections more than one million eggs will be laid each day than can be sold in Australia. One of the Egg Corp's solutions - kill half a million birds.
Hmmm !!!


David said...

Hi Philip,

Last year when banana growers were making plans to collude to ensure that there wasn't an oversupply of fruit following their recovery from the Cyclone Yasi, the the ACCC quickly put a stop to it as that behaviour would violate the anti-cartel provisions of the Trade Practices Act.

Do you think that it will be beneficial or detrimental (or neither) to unconventional egg producers for the planned meeting and subsequent actions to go ahead?


freeranger said...

Thanks David,

I will certainly go down that path.