Monday, January 19, 2009

Looking after the environment and the farm

A federally funded program - the Future Food and Fibre Project ran across Gippsland region last year and the Freranger farm took part . The Project's focus was to increase the uptake of Environmental Management Systems and sustainable management practices in the region.
Thge case study relating to this farm can be downloaded at
Over nine months, the Project:
held field days and workshops to explore different producers' views of sustainability, and how they implement EMS within their businesses; ran a leadership program for nineteen individuals who were already demonstrating a real commitment to EMS or sustainability.This program included the development of a strategic plan for sustainable agriculture in Gippsland;
held strategic meetings with CMAs and industry representatives (dairy, wine, seafood, vegetables, beef, eggs) for increasing the uptake of sustainable agricultural practices across the three CMA regions; offered EMS training, whole farm plan training and ISO14001 EMS peer auditor training.
Phil Westwood, of Freeranger eggs is already an environmental auditor as well as an auditor of the National Egg Quality Assurance Program

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