Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Massive demand from tourists

As usual at this time of year, we are being run off our feet by excess demand for eggs caused by the numbers of tourists in our area.
Restaurants which normally order 6 - 10 trays of eggs a week are now asking for 20 or 25 trays!
We are doing our best to meet those orders from our regular customers - but it's hard because the hens only lay one egg a day each.
We can't pluck extra eggs out of the air - like whipping up another batch of cakes of jam.
Fortunately a couple of members of the Free Range Farmers Association have some spare eggs at this time of year and we are able to buy them to make up some of the orders.
As members of the association, we are only allowed to trade amongst ourselves. Our audit trail has to show where all the eggs we sell have come from to ensure the integrity of our free range label and use of the FRFA logo.

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