Tuesday, April 21, 2009

About to start on new front fence

We had five packs of three rail red gum fencing delivered today to replace our old front fence. I picked up a pair of timber gates last week so I'll be starting to put it up within a couple of days.

New tips are being put on my post hole digger and once that's finished I'll be ready to roll.

The old fence has been pulled out progressively over the past few weeks. The picture shows what it will look like when finished - at the moment it's just a bunch of pallets wrapped in plastic!
It should only take a couple of days to complete but I won't be able to work on it for more than three of fours hours a day (because of all those other farm chores) so it will probably be at least a week before it's done.
We had to miss out on going to the Inverloch Farmers' Market last Sunday because we didn't have enough eggs and it's going to tough finding enough eggs for Churchill Island Farmers' Market this Saturday. I understand that one of our Aussie 'celebrity chefs' Iain Hewitson will be there so I hope we can get enough eggs together.

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