Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last market in these holidays

It will be interesting to see how the Farmers' Market at Churchill Island goes this Saturday (January 30). I will be in Western Australia for my brother's 70th birthday - so Anne will be on the stall. We should have at least 150 dozen eggs for the market which will take our week's sales to around 600 dozen.
The market will be last of the weekly January markets on Churchill Island to cater for the insatiable tourist demand during the holidays - then we get back to 'normal' with a market on the island on the fourth Saturday and other markets on the second Saturday and third Sunday every month.
The first of the 'new' Pakenham Farmers' Markets will be on Saturday February 13 - and we hope it works although it's not looking good as the new operators, the Rotary Club of Paknham don't seem to have their act together and haven't been in touch with stallholders with promised details.
If the first one at the new venue is a fizzer, it will be a disaster and most stallholders (and customers) simply won't go back.

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