Sunday, January 03, 2010

Huge market at Churchill Island

We had massive day at the Churchill Island Farmers' Market on Satuday selling over 200 dozen eggs and quite a bit of our freshly dug garlic.
The sales included over 30 packs of pullets eggs in ten packs (decimal dozens) and 24 dozen Megga Eggs (950 grams). The Megga eggs always sell out first no matter how many we take - people just love really big eggs especially when they are double and triple yolkers.
Our sales for the week totalled just over 650 dozen, including our home deliveries as well as shop and restaurant deliveries.
Collecting, grading and packing that quantity is a bit tiring for just the two of us and we couldn't keep it up for long wthout putting some automated systems in place (such as a belt egg collection system and keeping the chooks locked up until they laid their eggs) but that would defeat our purpose in having a genuine free range farm.
We'll try to have a bit of a rest when the holiday season is over at the end of January - but things never seem to settle back down to the previous level once new customers taste our eggs. We know we will get a constant stream of enquiries from holiday customers who live in Melbourne wanting to know where they can buy our eggs - and the answer is ... they can't - unless they come down here!

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